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4D Ultrasound in Gurgaon - Innovation for Early Detection

Foetal Profile on 4-D

Foetal Face at 31 Weeks

Before & After Birth

2D Greyscale V/s 4D Colour

Renal Vasclulature
Power Doppler Imaging

3D Ovarian Imaging

Foetal Spine 20 Weeks

Common Carotid Artery


Soft Tissue USG - Thyroid

Ultrasound in the present world has come a long way since it was invented in the late 70s and early 80s. The initial machines gave greyscale images and were mostly used in pregnancy and abdominal areas. The machines today are so versatile that they are used as an imaging modality in virtually every body part and the addition of Colour Doppler imaging to the ultrasound systems have made them the diagnostic tool of choice for most of the clinicians. Add to this there are no side effects in ultrasound imaging and it is very cost effective. The modern day machines are on digital platform and you can get the images on a CD or a pen drive and send them anywhere in the world through email or even post them on your facebook profile. You can store these images as the first pictures of your unborn child and make an album later on.

The Colour Doppler & Ultrasound Machine at Dr Anmol's Ultrasound is the World's Most Advanced 4D machine Voluson E8 from GE, USA

The Voluson E8 offers a broad range of solutions--comprehensive cardiology, general imaging, OB/GYN and urology applications including advanced imaging options


·   High Resolution 4D Endovaginal Probe helps in early detection with greater accuracy

·    SonoNT ( Sonography based Nuchal Translucency ) - This is GE's exclusive technology which provides semi-automatic, standardized measurements of the Nuchal Translucency as early as 11 weeks

·    Next Generation Volume Ultrasound Imaging

·    Dynamic Rendering Engine - The next level in 3D rendering. The harmonization between the Voluson platform, Dynamic rendering Engine and innovative proble helps us in giving you that extraordinary image quality.

·    Advanced Volume Contrast Imaging ( VCI ) with Omniview - This helps us in improving the contrast resolution and visualization of the rendered anatomy with clarity in any image plane, even when viewing irregularly shaped structures

·    Advanced 4D including Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging ( TUI )

·    Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) heightens visibility of organs and lesions with high definition contrast resolution that suppresses speckle artifact while maintaining true tissue architecture.

·    CrossXBeam enhances tissue and border differentiation with an innovative, real-time spatial compounding acquisition and processing technique.

·    Advanced STIC ( Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation ) including STIC M-Mode and SonoVCADheart for a high quality fetal heart examination

·    Advanced STIC plus B-Flow offers an angiographic like display for visualization of the fetal cardiovascular system

·    Anatomical M-mode facilitates arrhythmia assessment and cardiac measurements



3D HyCoSy ( Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography ) - This facilitates gynaecological exams with a new, non-ionizing procedure for tubal patency assessment with 3D display of fallopian tubes

Elastography - A highly sensitive tool for women healthcare to help with the early evaluation and classification of simple and complex masses.


The image quality you need for confident diagnosis.


The all-digital GE Voluson E8 ultrasound system is engineered to deliver clinical performance across a wide range of imaging applications:

·    Abdomen

·    Breast

·    Cardiac

·    Emergency Medicine

·    Gynecology

·    Intracardiac Echo

·    CartoSound Communications for Electrophysiology

·    Intraoperative

·    Musculoskeletal

·    Obstetrics

·    Orthopedic

·    Pediatrics

·    Neonatal Echo

·    Stress Echo

·    TEE

·    Testicular

·    Thyroid

·    Vascular

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