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Services at Dr Anmol's Ultrasound Clinic- Most Advanced 4D machine of Gurgaon
We are registered under PCPNDT Act. We do not scan for pregnancy sex detection.

Scan results provided within half an hour after the USG procedure on request.
We offer diagnostic imaging facilities for:

1. Obstetrics Ultrasounds
  • Obstetrics First Scan
  • Obstetrics TVS scan
  • Early Morphology Scan (First Trimester Scan / Level-1 scan)
  • Level II Scan for fetal Anomalies
  • Genetic Sonogram
  • Growth scan
  • Obstetrics Fetal well being scan
  • Obstetric fetal Doppler Studies
2. Gynaecological Ultrasounds
  • Pelvic scan
  • Transvaginal scan
  • 3D 4D Color Doppler TVS scan
  • Follicular studies
3. Doppler
  • Fetal echo
  • Venous Doppler Study (Limb- Single/Both/Upper-Lower)
  • Arterial Doppler Study
  • Carotid Doppler Study
  • Renal Doppler Study
  • Scrotal Doppler Study
  • Obstetric Doppler study
4. General
  • Neonatal Skull
  • Neonatal Hip
  • Upper/ Lower abdomen
  • Whole abdomen
  • KUB/ KUB Prostate/KUB Pelvis
  • Transrectal Scan
  • Small Parts ( Breast, Thyroid, Joint, Testis, Liver Abscess)
  • USG Chest
Major Ultrasound Tests

Routine Pregnancy Scans
These scans are important to assess the Fetal well-being. Sometimes, special ultrasound like Level-2 are also done to know of the structural abnormalites in the foetus. The tests which are done routinely at Dr Anmol's Ultrasound Clinic are as follows:

  • Dating & Viability scans.
  • Nuchal Screening for Down Syndrome.
  • Erly morphology Scan.
  • Genetic scans.
  • Anomaly Scans
  • Growth Scans.
  • Color Doppler scans for pregnancy.


Down Syndrome Screening

  • The Nuchal Scan
  • The Integrated Test
  • Quadruple Down Syndrome Screening Test

Pregnancy Monitoring

  • Fetal Wellbeing Scans
  • Fetal Heart Scans (Fetal Echo)
  • Premature Birth Screening

Fertility Scans

  • Ovulation Scans
  • Endometrial Thickness Scans
  • Follicle Tracking Scans


Gynaecological Scans

  • Gynaecological Scans
  • Ovarian Cancer Screening


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