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What is Level-2 Ultrasound and Who Need It

level 2 ultrasound in pregnancy

What is Level 2 Ultrasound and Who Need It Health as a fitness regime or as a concern is in the air these days and everybody gives their time for health it is not at all an ignored stream in society. Knowing a little bit about the medical techniques and maintaining a general knowledge on terminologies is a common thing but a deep analysis is still a big concern and can be performed in a correct manner by a doctor only. There are so many medical techniques and tests which are being utilized these days for a better and exact treatment. One of them is Ultrasound Technique and as the research work is always on we can see different kinds...

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What is Color Doppler Ultrasound and Who Need it.

Color Doppler Ultrasound Duplex scan of the common carotid artery Everybody is well aware of how important health is and no one wanted to compromise over it. Not only an interest takes you towards gathering the information about health issues and how to tackle it but also a little knowledge of when you need which kind of assistance helps a lot.    Color Doppler Ultrasound is one of the most popular and widely used ultrasound technique it transforms sound waves into the colored picture of blood flow. By Color Doppler Ultrasound a doctor can evaluate the blood flow by rebounding high-frequency sound waves in your blood vessels to detect a blood clot or blockage in it. Color Doppler Ultrasound and...

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Ultrasound Clinic in Gurgaon

dr anmols ultrasound clinic gurgaon

Ultrasound Clinic in Gurgaon As we all know health is a big concern these days one should be alert and cautious about the health status of their body. Medical attention towards various stages of our life is a very crucial task and one of them is Ultrasound. Ultrasound and Sonography define the same meaning. Ultrasound is a high-frequency sound wave to scan human body organs with the help of which a radiologist can take pictures of the particular organ. And, what is advantageous with Ultrasound is that Radiation is not a concern with Ultrasound scanning diagnostic technique as it is radiation-free. In last five years so many hospitals have got established in Gurgaon, in fact, they got doubled. And, when...

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