What is Color Doppler Ultrasound and Who Need it.

Color Doppler Ultrasound

Color Doppler Ultrasound - Duplex scan of the common carotid artery

Everybody is well aware of how important health is and no one wanted to compromise over it.

Not only an interest takes you towards gathering the information about health issues and how to tackle it but also a little knowledge of when you need which kind of assistance helps a lot.   

Color Doppler Ultrasound is one of the most popular and widely used ultrasound technique it transforms sound waves into the colored picture of blood flow.

By Color Doppler Ultrasound a doctor can evaluate the blood flow by rebounding high-frequency sound waves in your blood vessels to detect a blood clot or blockage in it.

Color Doppler Ultrasound and Doppler ultrasound test are different names of same technique which is a non-invasive test process mainly performed for the neck, arms, and legs.

In simple words, non-invasive test means the blood screening in main arteries and veins of a patient. Most useful for checking if blood flow is slow or stops somewhere in the veins/arteries.

Also, the difference between pregnancy ultrasound (can hyperlink to the pregnancy ultrasound page) and color Doppler ultrasound is that here a doctor can see images of your blood vessels and in pregnancy ultrasound, a doctor can give you insights on the growth of your baby and the 18-week plan for the same.

Another major distinction between a normal ultrasound and color Doppler ultrasound is that a doctor cannot see flow of blood in blood vessels by the help of normal technique so each technique has its application and suggestion of a doctor is needed which one is required and it is totally dependent upon the condition of a patient.


When Color Doppler Ultrasound/Doppler Test is Needed

Before going for a test everyone has that question popping up again and again in mind that Is this test/technique necessary? Is it harmful? Should I consult an elderly person in the family and many more?

As we know that ultrasound is radiation free and takes very less time for the procedure to complete so patient need not to worry about it.

Apart from examining the blood flow, clot and blockage this technique is also performed when –

  1. To examine the restoration process of a blood vessel after analysis and cure.
  2. To track what is the reason for swelling and weakness in your arteries
  3. To measure plaque and what has caused it
  4. To find what is the blood flow issue that is causing a problem in leg, neck, arm and head.
  5. To check heart-related problems created by blood flow, one of them is peripheral artery disease.
  6. To evaluate the condition of your stomach/abdomen with respect to blood flow and to examine the blood flow issues with liver, pancreas, spleen, and kidney and also to detect the tumors.  


When it is prescribed to a pregnant Women

Color Doppler Ultrasound is prescribed by a doctor to a pregnant lady when there is a need to check your baby’s health keenly and to give a more beneficial advice and treatment.

This technique will help a doctor calculate the growth of a baby at every stage.

When a doctor performs Color Doppler ultrasound for extra care of your baby it tells some important information about a woman’s pregnancy condition like –

1) Number of the baby that woman is carrying in the womb

2) The growth rate of the baby is it as per the prescribed cycle or not and if it is not then what treatment that lady is in need of.

3) When there is a confined flow of blood towards the fetus which can give rise to –

  • Under Weight or low weight of the baby then what is needed
  • Development is not as per the given cycle
  • Size of the baby is not growing as mentioned according to the stages

4) To check the risk of stroke

5) It also shows the condition which is affected by the history of the woman with respect to miscarriage

6) If the baby shows less activity or movement from the womb

7) Any other medical condition with which the woman is suffering like blood pressure or like diabetes etc

8) If a woman needs extra attention during pregnancy then that is the first condition when a woman needs color doppler ultrasound.


Difference Between Normal Ultrasound and Doppler Ultrasound During Pregnancy

The main or should I say the most fundamental difference between Normal Ultrasound and Doppler Ultrasound is the outcome which a doctor gets after treating a patient with it that is a normal ultrasound cannot find the blood flow but only takes pictures of the human organ by the help of sound waves and Doppler ultrasound which is also a non-invasive test by the help of rebounding the high-frequency sound waves evaluates the flow of blood vessels is towards or away from the organ.


Is Color Doppler Ultrasound Harmful During Pregnancy?

As we have discussed earlier as well Color Doppler Ultrasound is completely safe and secure to have during pregnancy.

The prenatal growth is not influenced by this technique. And, as a matter of fact, it is so useful in order to check different kinds of complex situations during pregnancy and to act timely by the treatment once a lady has been detected by any issue through Color Doppler ultrasound.

We all are aware that prevention is better than cure so a doctor can preclude that condition to keep the pregnancy intact/protected.

Now, this is a very consistent technique which can snag on to check the position of the baby and the grade with respect to an umbilical cord.

Apart, from all these safe consequences a pregnant woman should take care of her fitness, well-being and nourishment.


Benefits of Color Doppler Ultrasound Test
  • It helps in checking blood flow if there is a situation with patients heart and its muscle in simple language we can say it as cardiac sonography
  • The second major benefit of color Doppler ultrasound is the color which it reflects after treating the particular artery or vein for the particular disease and if the blood flow is normal then it will show red or orange color. And these color spot on the screen lets a doctor determine whether it is plague or any other disease occurring through the blood clot or any kind of stoppage.
  • If the color spots are not that strong then a doctor can take the prompt action.
  • Another big benefit of this technique is the clean, precise and sharp visual display of color on the screen of the machine which is not possible with any other ultrasound technique.
  • Although it is a little costly it helps us save our patients’ life as we wanted to serve better to a patient as they are coming for the best treatment in the town.


Doppler Test Services we Offer are at our Ultrasound clinic in Gurgaon

  • Fetal echo
  • Venous Doppler Study (Limb- Single/Both/Upper-Lower)
  • Arterial Doppler Study
  • Carotid Doppler Study
  • Renal Doppler Study
  • Scrotal Doppler Study
  • Obstetric Doppler study

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