What is Level-2 Ultrasound and Who Need It

level 2 ultrasound in pregnancy

What is Level 2 Ultrasound and Who Need It

Health as a fitness regime or as a concern is in the air these days and everybody gives their time for health it is not at all an ignored stream in society.

Knowing a little bit about the medical techniques and maintaining a general knowledge on terminologies is a common thing but a deep analysis is still a big concern and can be performed in a correct manner by a doctor only.

There are so many medical techniques and tests which are being utilized these days for a better and exact treatment. One of them is Ultrasound Technique and as the research work is always on we can see different kinds of improvements in types of ultrasound techniques. But still, ultrasound comes under mostly applied technique and mainly implemented during pregnancy.


Level-2 Ultrasound or An Anomaly Scan

level-2 Ultrasound - Fetal Anomaly Scan - 20 week ultrasound

Anatomy scan image of a human placenta and umbilical cord (colour Doppler rendering) showing central placement of the cord in the placenta and three vessels in the cord, which is the normal physiology.

Here, the techniques on which I will throw some light on our Level-1 and Level-2 Ultrasound Techniques.

Ultrasound which is commonly known as sonogram or sonography utilizes an imaging technique which makes the use of high-frequency sound waves to get the images of any kind of structure inside a human body or organ and widely used in 18-week pregnancy cycle.

These images will be further evaluated by the doctor for diagnostics purpose & where a level-1 ultrasound technique is used to resolve a particular medical condition.

In other words, we can say Level-1 Ultrasound is mostly used when a slender analysis is required where it also determines blood flow, curing the tumor, to check uterus or ovaries when a lady is pregnant, to check the condition of a gallbladder, bone-related disease, lump related disease, joint inflammation etc.

The right time of performing Level-2 Ultrasound is when a pregnant lady is in her second trimester in simple language when a lady is in her week-20 of pregnancy. Level-2 Ultrasound is also known as Anomaly Scan which performs the in-depth examination of baby’s growth in her womb, baby’s heart, stomach, brain, kidneys and other body organs. The images obtained through Level-2 Ultrasound technique is so fine in quality that it makes a doctor and patient’s task easy so that they can view the fetal development during pregnancy.


Who are asked for Level Two Ultrasound?

Level-2 Ultrasound technique is very safe and secure and if a lady is advised with the treatment then there is no reason to be nervous about it as this is only suggested for extra precaution. In this scenario, age plays a vital role and as per the research that age limit is on or above 35 because this age makes pregnancy more delicate so in this situation, a doctor put extra care and efforts. These are those cases where a doctor suggests Level-2 Ultrasound.

To resolve such issues Level-2 Ultrasound is the most recommended technique as a more clearer view is obtained by this.

Doctors also examines the history of the pregnant lady and they also evaluate the hereditary problems as these small points can create a big issue afterwards and after all this is about the pregnant lady and a baby inside, a doctor does not want to be in a dark situation and this is the reason why a doctor wanted to avoid such circumstances by the help of Level-2 Ultrasound which makes the treatment simpler and faster.

Another reason for advising Level-2 ultrasound is only to keep an eye on the consequence and to resolve it at the earliest possible and if there is any family history or hereditary issue. Which is why being, healthy at the time of pregnancy is the most crucial and important thing which a pregnant lady and her family need to concentrate on.

The third reason is when the images generated by Level-1 Ultrasound is not clear or the images of level-1 ultrasound do not seem normal then the need of Level-2 ultrasound occurs.


What Level Two Ultrasound checks during pregnancy

Foetal Spine 20 Week Ultrasound - Level Two Ultrasound in gurgaon

Foetal Spine 20 Week Ultrasound

To get the images of a baby from his head to toe and to take the pictures of those small organs of a baby inside the womb are being checked by Level Two Ultrasound during pregnancy.

This technique also checks the number of fingers, the length of arms, the radius of the bones, structure of brain, heart, and kidneys. To examine the umbilical cord which contains two arteries and a vein which is considered as a normal structure of umbilical cord.

Review and research on factors of umbilical cord like its length and amniotic fluid level are also measured through this technique.

Other factors which get evaluated are defects in the heart, trisomy 13, trisomy 18 and Down’s syndrome etc.

Again, I must say at this point a couple and their family needs to be very careful and should focus on being healthy.  


Level 2 Ultrasound in Midpregnancy

This is the time when a pregnant lady is carrying the baby for her 18th or 22nd week and somewhere between this range. Some doctors also call it a mid-pregnancy period where Level-2 Ultrasound technique is advised which is also known as fetal anomaly scan in medical terms.

This technique does not include any internal observation through insertion, it just includes the application of a particular kind of gel which is applied to the belly portion of a pregnant lady by the implementation of high-frequency sound waves to take the images of that particular part by the help of moving transducer wand on the abdomen portion where the gel was applied. The only thing which a patient needs to focus on is to have the required amount of water to make the bladder full for better results of the treatment. Sometimes doctor also shares the images with the patient where a patient can see baby’s arms, brain, spine, heart, toes, and fingers, placenta, umbilical cord, and stomach.


Level 2 Ultrasound Risks & Treatment

There is no harmful risk from Level-1 and Level-2 Ultrasound and no radiation issue occurs with this technique also it takes very less time to diagnose the patient. Every medical care needs some precautions to safeguard the patients so a doctor makes a cycle for ultrasound treatment only when it is necessary as overexposure to ultrasound is not good.    

But here the whole idea of Level-2 Ultrasound to reduce the stress and tension among the couples or the stress level of the pregnant woman so being an experienced doctor I assure you that feel free to ask any query regarding ultrasound as talking will help you clear your doubt for better treatment.